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We have talked about trauma and addiction and how it effects your relationships including any codependent relationships you may have in your life in the moment. We discussed the signs of codependency including trying to change or control others, having little to no boundaries, not knowing who you are and what you like to do to make you happy, thinking about if you can function alone or if you feel that you “need” someone to be there every step of the way through your life. Now, these aspects in relationships are not always a bad thing, we understand that people who have any type of relationship can have blurred lines in regards to their own boundaries. Interdependency is a concept that I am working hard to understand and enact in my own life. Interdependency is taking responsibility for your own actions, knowing your own interests, not overextending yourself in relationships….but still being able to respect the wants and needs of others while maintaining your own healthy boundaries that keep you feeling whole.
Now if you are feeling that you have any of the signs of codependency…or any of the other traits that we have talked about and you want to change…it is possible. You just have to do the work to get there. Think about reading books about codependency versus interdependency, learn to love yourself and figure out what your hobbies are. Ask yourself…what do I want for my life? What are my individual goals? What do I like to do, to make me happy? I will always mention and recommend talking to a therapist about your concerns and learn coping skills if you are lacking those traits. And remember…think about how hard it is to change yourself….and you will understand how little of a chance you have to change others.

Book-“You’re Not Crazy – You’re Codependent”
by Jeanette Elisabeth Menter

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